Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs
15 June, 2020 by
Progno Health Medical Team
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Benefits of Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Employees spend a lot of time in the workplace, and therefore, linking wellness goals with work-life balance is vital to driving overall business outcomes. So, having a corporate wellness program is a must for any organization. Any good wellness program aims to assist employees to adopt healthy behavior. Developing a successful corporate wellness program takes time and effort, and it should be continually evolved to meet employee wellness goals as well as business goals. Let us look at some of the top benefits of corporate wellness programs.

Wellness Programs:

1. Lowers Higher Health Risks:

Having low health risks is fundamental to good health, and corporate wellness programs are a great way to help employees reduce elevated health risks, such as higher blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. 

2. Improves Employee Health Behaviour:

Eating and exercising are key components of health behavior. Consuming an unhealthy diet and lacking any physical activity amount to unhealthy behavior, causing health risks like high BP, high cholesterol, etc. Corporate wellness programs are excellent at promoting behavioral change and assisting employees to adopt and maintain healthy behavior. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of a wellness program. When employees change their diet, increase physical activity, and avoid alcohol or tobacco, it means they have adopted healthy behavior, which further helps to reduce higher health risks. 

3. Reduces Healthcare Costs:

Comprehensive employee wellness programs have a great impact on corporate finances and help to reduce healthcare costs. The savings from a good wellness program participation is far greater than the actual cost of the program. Having healthier employees helps to cut down on rising healthcare bills and boost your bottom line.


4. Reduces Employee Absenteeism:

Companies having a good wellness program can experience reduced employee absenteeism due to the following reasons:

• Good health condition leads to lower absenteeism.

• Reduced health complications mean less absenteeism.

• Employees being able to manage their stress better means lower absenteeism.

• Employees with normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose have also lower absenteeism. 

• Reduced health risks lead to less chronic diseases and fewer chances to fall sick, leading to lower absenteeism.

5. Improves Productivity:

One of the major causes of poor employee productivity is poor health or poor lifestyle. Corporate wellness programs encourage employees to adopt good health behavior, which eventually has a positive impact on productivity. Wellness programs also aim to eradicate other causes of poor productivity like a distraction, fatigue, etc.

6. Helps Break The Monotony:

Doing the same thing every day makes employees work repetitive, boring, and tiring. This reduces employee morale and productivity. With wellness programs, employees remain engaged and feel motivated. Doing new things that promote good health and fitness breaks the monotony and creates a great work environment.

7. Helps in Employee Recruitment and Retention:

Corporate wellness programs lead the way to a better rate of employee recruitment and retention. Apart from money, recruits look for an organization that has a good support system for its employees. So, when an organization offers an employee wellness program, free of cost to its employees, it shows the organization cares about its employees’ well-being. This leads to a better rate of employee recruitments. When existing employees remain happy due to the corporate wellness program offered by the company, it automatically leads to a better rate of employee retention.  

8. Provides Competitive Edge:

By offering a comprehensive employee wellness program, your organization can gain a competitive edge for attracting and retaining the top and best talent.

9. Promotes Organizational Culture of Health:

Corporate wellness programs motivate a holistic approach to employee wellness by promoting an organizational culture of health. Providing a good corporate wellness program that goes beyond the traditional programs, inculcates healthy habits among the employees, and boosts healthy outcomes while increasing organizational productivity, and optimizing human resources and investments. 

10. Increases Employee Engagement: 

As a wellness program involves all employees of a company, it helps people to form new relationships within the organization and increase their engagement. Group activities, involving health and fitness, will connect employees more to the organization and their peers. Moreover, a corporate wellness program that engages employees outside of the workplace creates a positive impact on their personal lives and keeps them feeling happy and satisfied.

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