Importance of Occupational Health Checkup
25 June, 2020 by
Progno Health Medical Team
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Why is Occupational Health Check-Up Important?

Several companies have started to promote health and wellness at the workplace and offer comprehensive health check-up packages to employees. Manufacturing units conduct occupational health check-ups to screen factory workers for occupational health illnesses at regular intervals. These screenings are required by the employer to prevent and reduce work-related injuries to industrial workers. The following are eight reasons why occupational health check-ups are vital for manufacturing companies.


Suitability for New Job Before Employment:

Pre-employment health check-ups help to identify the health status of potential candidates and their suitability for a job before they get employed in particular occupations. In factories, the best way to avoid the adverse effects of occupational health hazards and to prevent any accident is to get an individual's health check done before employment. In many states of India, it is mandatory to get a pre-employment health check-up done before hiring an individual in a manufacturing unit or factory premises.

A pre-employment health check-up in factories helps to provide baseline health data to compare with subsequent health check-ups and evaluate any changes in health conditions after employment. For example, in a noisy occupation if the hearing threshold of a worker has changed from low (before joining) to high (after joining), then this indicates noise-induced hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure at work. Further, a pre-employment health record helps in substantiating or negating employee compensation claims.

in most cases, an occupational health check-up can help to determine if an employee is well suited to perform a particular role. For example, a job role that involves heavy lifting will require a health check to determine physical abilities.

4. To Detect Early Abnormalities & Prevent Workers from Developing Occupational Diseases:

All manufacturing units or factories have machinery, objects, and hazardous substances that are harmful to individuals if exposed for long. Dust, noise, heat and cold, machinery-related accidents, trips and falls, physically demanding work, etc., are common health hazards in all factories. Hence, it is vital to screen all workers for occupational health diseases at regular intervals. Regular screenings help to detect abnormalities or occupational diseases at the early stages to provide timely treatment. These further help to take preventive measures to stop the progression of health conditions to chronic occupational diseases, increase the possibility of cure, and reduce medical costs. 

5. To Verify The Effectiveness of Preventive Measures:

The detection of cases of over-exposure or early-stage diseases in workplace medical examinations will alert the employer to review and take necessary remedial action to enhance the existing preventive strategies to protect other workers from health hazards. 

6. To Provide Occupational Health Education & Advice:

Occupational Health checks provide an opportunity for doctors to educate workers of:

• the potential health risks of exposure to specific hazards at factory premises and 

• the preventive measures to minimize the risk of contracting occupational diseases

7. To Reduce Illness-Related Absenteeism:

Occupational health screenings help to detect any abnormalities or illnesses early to reduce illness-related absenteeism. Also, health assessments can help establish a worker’s ability to return to work after a prolonged illness and absence.

8. To Increase Employee Retention, Engagement, and Productivity:

When workers see that the company is taking an active interest in ensuring employee fitness and improving health conditions, then they prefer to continue working with such companies for a much longer time and remain engaged and productive.

9. Health Check compliance as per factories act :

All manufacturing units in India are governed by the factories act in their respective states. Occupational Health Check is important compliance as per the factories act. All the units whether hazardous or non-hazardous need to conduct health check-ups of all its employees who are working in the plant. For Non-Hazardous once a year health check is a must, for hazardous processes depending on the hazardous material used….it will be half-yearly, quarterly, or yearly. The health Check-up needs to be conducted by Certifying Surgeon having a license to do so as per the district he is assigned. Certifying Surgeon also needs to be registered with Government health authorities 

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