Pre Employment Health Check Up Importance
27 May, 2020 by
Progno Health Medical Team
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Healthy and fit employees are assets to any organization because only they can perform to the highest levels of efficiency in their daily work. That is why pre employment health check-up is a standard practice adopted by most corporates around the globe. 

It is a vital screening examination during the hiring process that measures a candidate’s overall health condition and his medical fitness required to perform his tasks. The check-up helps to identify any health issues beforehand so that they do not impede any long-term growth of the organization. Let us explore the various reasons why corporates should conduct pre-employment health check-ups.

Top 10 Reasons to Conduct Pre Employment Medical:

Ensure Safety of Others At Workplace: The new employee must be free of any ailments that could potentially hurt other individuals at the workplace. 

Ensure Safety of New Employee At Workplace: New employees may put their own health at risk while driving or working on machines if they are suffering from certain conditions like color blindness, vision or hearing problem, etc.

Avoid the Spread of Contagious Diseases: If the new employee suffers from any contagious disease, then he can transmit the disease to other employees working close to him and put their health in danger. 

Ensure Efficiency & Productivity At Work: An employee who is suffering from any ailment or disease has lowered efficiency that affects his overall productivity and profitability. This is detrimental to a company’s long-term progress.

Avoid Heavy Medical Costs: An ill employee is susceptible to costly mistakes that may result in huge productivity damages or medical costs that impact an organization’s revenue in the long run. A long-haul disease may require hospitalization and prolonged absence from work that may put a heavy cost on the business.

Maintain Employee Health Record: Pre joining medicals help companies to maintain updated health records of their employees. They also serve as a benchmark for future health check-ups.

Better Handle Emergencies: If an employee’s pre-existing medical condition is known to the company, then it is proactively prepared to handle any emergency.

Get Insurance Plan: The health record of a new employee allows the insurance company to add him to the company’s health insurance plan. 

Comply with Statutory Requirements: As per the Factories Act, every new factory worker must undergo a prescribed medical test to determine his current health status and to evaluate if the factory environment is harmful to his health in any way.

Boost Employee Confidence: A health check-up helps a new employee to become aware of his current health condition. Knowing that he is healthy boosts his morale, and helps him to work with confidence in the new organization. 

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