World Cancer Day - 4th February
16 June, 2021 by
Progno Health Medical Team

World Cancer Day - 4th February

Do you know?

• It Is estimated that India has 2 million cancer patients, of which 0.7 million are new cases, detected every year. Nearly half of the total cancer patients die every year.

• More than 75% of patients are at an advanced stage of the disease by the time they consult a doctor.

• Early detection can increase the chances of a cure.

• Many forms of cancer can be prevented by simple changes in lifestyle.

The risk of developing cancer Is higher If one is a heavy smoker, alcoholic, or tobacco chewer; is HIV or Hepatitis B or C virus-positive; Is on treatment, or has a disease that suppresses the Immune system, or has a family history of cancer.

Early warning signs of cancer!

* Recent changes in bowel habits, like constipation, diarrhea alternating with constipation, difficulty in swallowing, indigestion, etc

• Recent urinary symptoms, like obstructions, painful urination, or blood in the urine

• An ulcer or a wound or sore anywhere in the body that does not heal, for example, in the mouth, tongue, skin, or genitals

• Unusual bleeding or secretions from any part of the body, like blood In the sputum, urine, stools, or vomit

• A persistent swelling in the body, like a breast lump, lymph gland swelling, neck swelling, or testicular enlargement

• An obvious, sudden change In the appearance of a long-standing mole

• A change in voice that persists for more than a couple of weeks

• A nagging cough which persists for 2 weeks, especially if associated with blood In the sputum

Simple Lifestyle changes can help prevent cancer

* Avoid smoking or second-hand smoking: it can cause several types of cancer, not only lung cancer

* Avoid excess exposure to the cancer is one of the most preventable diseases. Avoid exposure to UV rays/mid-day sun by wearing protective clothing when outdoors.

* Avoid alcohol: it not only affects the liver but can have a much stronger side-effect of cancer

* Limit red meat consumption studies show that a diet high in animal fat increases the risk for several types of cancer. A diet rich in fat can cause obesity, which may lead to cancer.

* Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. A well-balanced diet helps reduce the risk of cancer. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, especially green, yellow, and orange ones, which help repair damaged cells.

* Get annual health check-ups. Screening for cancer and getting an annual health check-up helps catch diseases early and prevent other lifestyle diseases.

* know the family history. Several Cancers are hereditary in nature. Knowing the family history and staying alert to early warning signs can help prevent and diagnose cancer in early stages.