Benefits of Garlic for Heart Disease, Cough & Digestive Complaints.
All ingredients from garlic cloves to leaf are good for the body!!!
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Benefits of Garlic for Heart Disease, Cough &  Digestive Complaints. 

All ingredients from garlic cloves to leaf  are good for the body

Benefits of Garlic for Heart Disease, Cough & Digestive Complaints

Among some foods in the diet we eat garlic. But garlic is not necessarily included in the daily diet. But garlic contains many useful ingredients that are essential for health. We always hear that the diet should include 6 juices. What is special is that garlic contains 5 other juices besides acidity. Therefore, it is considered a very useful substance for health. Garlic is also known as the perfect food in Ayurveda. All the ingredients from garlic clove to leaf tip are good for the body. These are the benefits of garlic which is useful for heart disease, cough and digestive complaints.

1. Garlic and its leaf chutney not only add flavor to the meal but it is also very tasty. This chutney is a great remedy for those who suffer from frequent gasses.

2. Wet garlic is usually available in the market in winter. It is less spicy and less harsh. So for those who don't like garlic and its smell, this garlic can be a great option.

3. Those who do not have taste in their mouth due to fever and other reasons should eat garlic cloves for 4 to 5 days. This helps in getting rid of bad taste in the mouth.

4. Since garlic is a hot food, those who suffer from bile should avoid eating garlic. Sometimes it is okay to eat in winter but avoid eating garlic in summer.

5. IF have difficulty in rememberingthings then you  should eat garlic. Students who do not remember the study will benefit from eating two cloves of garlic.

6. Garlic should also be eaten by those who work in one place all day long. Apart from this, garlic is also good for reducing laziness, sleepiness and fatigue.

7. People who suffer from cough and asthma should drink hot water with two cloves of garlic when they wake up in the morning. This helps to reduce the discomfort. Blood pressure is also under control. This remedy along with medical treatment helps in quick recovery.

8) Eating garlic does not cause blood clots. This reduces the risk of heart attack. Eating garlic and honey together removes blockages in the arteries of the heart. So the blood flow to the heart continues smoothly.

9) Garlic prevents acidity. It also helps reduce stress

10) Garlic is beneficial in respiratory disorders. Garlic is beneficial in colds, coughs, asthma and pneumonia. For this, add garlic, boil the milk and let it drink. It provides relief in cough and asthma. Garlic is a pesticide that kills the TB virus.

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