What Are the Best Strategies For Corporate Health & Wellness?

Corporate health and wellness are driven by the health of employees. By improving employee health and well-being, you can have a more productive workforce. That is why it is critical to assess the health status of employees from time to time and undertake active wellness programs as a preventive health measure. And for wellness initiatives to succeed, they must become an intrinsic part of an organization’s everyday work culture. Here are some of the best strategies to build and maintain corporate health and wellness in an organization.

1. Build a Healthy Organizational Culture: 

The first step is to create an organizational culture that promotes health and wellness by:

a.     Creating a healthy physical work structure, such as ergonomically-adapted equipment and furniture, lighting, air quality, noise levels, and safe working conditions

b.     Creating a healthy workplace environment, such as providing healthy eating options at the company cafeteria, healthy snack alternatives in vending machines, smoke-free policies, and opportunities for physical activity.

2. Align Company & HR Policies with Employee Health & Wellness Goals:

All company policies should support and reflect a commitment to employee health and well-being. For example, sick and personal leave, employee healthcare benefits, disability insurance, vacation policy, workdays and timings, rules on smoking, etc.

3. Provide Corporate Health Check-ups:

a. Pre-Employment Health Check-ups: A corporate must ensure that every new employee who joins the organization is healthy to perform his daily duties. A pre-employment health check-up helps to ascertain if a candidate is suffering from any ailment or disease that may affect his performance at work.

b. Occupational Health Check-ups:  All manufacturing units and factories must ensure that the health of its workers is not affected by occupational hazards. Occupational health screenings done at regular intervals help to identify the occurrence of any occupation-related diseases in any worker.

4. Create a Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program:

Corporates should offer customized employee wellness programs and activities based on data-driven reports generated from employee health check-ups. These programs should be available either as on-site programs, off-site programs, or online sessions. Some of the most popular wellness programs include health talks, wellness webinars, counseling, Yoga & meditation, and more.

5. Design an Employee Incentive Structure:

Corporates must offer a variety of incentives to increase employee participation in wellness programs, motivate them to engage in healthy practices, and make changes in their lifestyle and behavior for overall wellness. The company should survey to determine which incentives will motivate employees. The right incentive mix is a blend of financial and non-financial incentives. 

PrognoHealth offers several corporate health check-up packages based on company needs. We also provide many health and wellness programs and activities as per employee requirements. Our pan India network of health centers includes 29 States, 750+ Cities, and 1000+ Network Centers. We have done 100,000+ health screenings to date and still counting!

To know more about our various health check-up packages and corporate wellness programs, Mails us at [email protected] or call  +91 9510650660  to schedule an appointment today

What is Corporate Health CheckUp?

Today’s employees are more prone to health risks than their predecessors 20 years ago. Automation has made our lives sedentary, lack of physical activity & unhealthy food habits are making us prone to lifestyle diseases in the early thirties. Corporate employees are more exposed to this because of other internal factors such as peer pressure, target pressure, etc. Hence it is important for Employers & HR managers to make sure that they have a policy in place to address this issue. 

Corporate Employees Risk Statistics  

Based on a corporate study conducted by Watson 2012.  

> 96% of companies in India feel Health & Productivity Program plays an important role in a company’s corporate health checkup strategy.  

> Employee’s health has a direct impact on motivation, Innovation & delivery.  

Globally, companies with the most effective Health & Productivity Program have a 34% higher revenue per employee.  

Tower & Watson Report links an organization's Health & Productivity effectiveness to its financial success.  

We at PrognoHealth understand your concerns & help you formalize health policy for your organization with specific goals.

PrognHealth’s Health & Productivity Program  

This program is divided into three important areas.   

Health Risk Assessment

Annual/ Executive Health Assessment  

Wellness Benefits Program.  

Onsite Health Camps  

Health Awareness Workshop  

—Stress & Weight Management  

Consultation & Coaching

Health Report Card- After the assessment, our team of consultant doctor prepares an Individual Health Report Card for each employee with assessment findings and further course of action.  

Data Analysis – Management gets to know the overall health status of the employee and statistical health analysis.  

Coaching – As a process, we do quarterly intervention by arranging. 1) Doctors health talk 2) Diseases and diet consultation by Nutritionist & Dietician. 3) Exercise workshops.  

EHR – Digitization of Health Record. 

We digitize all health records of an individual on our microsite with the latest technology of cloud computing.  

Option to upload all your reports in one place and accessing it anytime, anywhere. Soon will be available on mobile as an app.  

All employees get to access their individual health reports with a host of information informative, intuitive & secured platforms. 

PrognoHealth Advantage. 

Best health services from different health service providers offered under one umbrella.  

By aggregating we offer big savings on your healthcare cost and also saving precious time in deciding the suitable health service provider for you.  

We offer choice & convenience to your employees to avail health services at any of our network centers as per their convenience.  

Customized Health Packages. 

Unmatched Network spread 

With Our Pan India network of health centers, corporates are sure to offer health benefits to all employees at their respective locations.  

29 States  

750+ Cities  

1000+ Network Centers  

100,000+ health screenings are done. 

Service Delivery

The corporate can choose service delivery as per employee convenience. We deliver services in three modes.  

Onsite - At your office  

Health Center - At our pan India network health centers.  

Home Service - At the convenience of your home.

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