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Is annual health check up necessary?

why annual health checkup is so necessary, do we have to do this every year.

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Shyam Dhumal
Best Answer

Annual Health Check up is extremely important for age groups and especially if you are above the age of 30. Everyone who is above the age should get his or her health check up done once a year. If your organisation is providing you with Annual Health Check up, you should get the same done on priority and ensure you follow the same every year. Best way to remember the health check is to get the same done just before or after your special days like birthday, anniversary, or kids birthdays etc so that you don't miss it.  

Annual Health Check up is a term also used for executive health check up incorporates. Annual Health Check is necessary as it gives a chance to look at your body's internal functions and to know if they are doing good. Annual Health Check up also means that once a year you are taking your self for full body servicing like we do for our cars. You should take a day from your busy schedule for annual health check up and get the same done at a designated hospital or Health Centre. 

In Annual Health Check up, depending upon the Package you have opted you will be screened for diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Liver or kidney disease, or any other abdominal issues. Generally, Annual Health Check up test includes Complete Blood Profile, Blood Sugar fasting & PP, HbA1c, liver function tests, kidney function tests followed by cardiology tests like ECG, Stress test or treadmill test, USG scans or sonography and post health check up consultations by doctors, dieticians. 

Annual Health Checks are important to know if you are suffering from any of the diseases or you are getting closer to them, thus doing some lifestyle changes you can avoid the disease. If you get to know that you already have a disease or condition, you will get to know at what stage of the disease you are and how to manage it effectively. By conducting annual health check up you will be better prepared to take the necessary doctors consultations and ensuring that you manage your condition in the most effective way.