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What are test covered in Pre Employment Health Check up?

Aditi Shroff

I wondering what are the tests that are covered in this type of health checkup

1 Answer
Shyam Dhumal
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Pre employment health check-up is basically a group of test that a candidate needs to undergo before joining the organization. It's important to know that there is a NOT one package that fits all, as far as  Pre Employment health check up is concerned,  tests may differ with every organization. 
First, let's understand the basic tests that need to be a part of any Pre-employment health check-up package. 

Pre Employment Health Packages. (Standard )
Test Inclusion is as follows.
1) Complete Blood Profile 
2) Blood Sugar Fasting or Random
3) Urine Routine.
5) Blood Urea/ Serum Creatinine
6) Chest X-ray
7) ECG
8) Physical Examination

Based on the above package please study below-mentioned filters to arrive at the right packages for your organization.

Pre-employment health package also depends on the following factor. 

Sector, Position, Age, Gender and Location.

1) Organization  Sector - It means in what sector the organization belongs like Automobile, Software, Banking, Pharma etc. Depending upon the sector you are in the package and tests may differ, like in Manufacturing company you may have exposure to hazardous materials hence it is important to add Pulmonary Function Test, Screening for TB or other infectious diseases, Chest X-Ray etc, and for Software industry where most of the employees have sedentary lifestyle may need to add tests like ECG, Lipid Profile to eliminate the possibility of lifestyle disease.

2)  Position - Many organization prefer multiple package options and may allot the packages depending upon the position the candidate is selected for, like if you are hiring a senior management position then it is important to make sure that candidate is not going on for long medical leave immediately after joining as his presence is critical similarly if the candidate is going to join for a job of manual worker than the risk of him carrying infection is very high hence we need to add tests like TB screening, Chest X-ray, Liver Tests to eliminate the chances of him being the spreader of the infection.

3) Age - Age is a crucial criterion for selection of Pre-employment medical examination as we all know people, in general, are susceptible to certain lifestyle disease after age 35 or 40 hence it's imperative to include tests that can screen the candidate for lifestyle disease like diabetes, hypertension, heart ailments etc., for example, for candidate age above 40 we must include tests like HbA1c, Stress Test/ TMT or 2D Eco.

4) Gender - There are some gender-specific disease that are very common and may not be detected with regular blood workup.  For example Prostate Cancer in males or Breast or Cervical cancer in females.
5) Location - if the plant or office is in the zones near to plants or areas like mines the chances of exposure are also very high , hence it is critical to add few tests along with regular blood and other tests that will eliminate the chances of particular exposure.