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What are the tests covered in full body health check?

Full body health !!! is it a good health checkup process , I am looking for my parents.

1 Answer
Shyam Dhumal
Best Answer

Full Body Health Check up term is used by various medical & health care providers differently. The word full body health check means health check for your full body, which essentially include pathology test or blood test complete workup that includes  Complete Bloof Profile, Lipid Profile, Diabetes Screening, Blood Sugar Fasting & PP, LFT- Liver Function Test, Renal Function Profile or Liver Tests, Thyroid Tests,  Cardiology tests like ECG ( Electrocardiogram), Stress Test or Treadmill Test,  Radiology test like X- rays, Scans like Ultra Sound, PFT or pulmonary function test followed by Dental Checkup, Eye Checkup or ophthalmology consultation, General Physician Consultation, Post health Check advice by a specialist like Cardiologists.  Full Body health check up can not be an only blood test for sure as blood tests only cant give you the clear picture unless it is substantiated by other cardiology or radiology test.