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What is Pre Employment Health Check up?

Rahul Verma

I am fresher in company I don't know what is pre employment health checkup, they have asked me to get pre employment health checkup done & submit the reports to the company within 10 days, I don't where to get this & what test are covered in this health checkup process.

1 Answer
Shyam Dhumal
Best Answer

Pre- Employment Health Checkup is also called as Pre-Joining Medical Test or Pre Employment Medical Package.  Post successful interview process when the candidates are selected for the job, HR asks the candidate to undergo certain test or group of tests in the medical centre under the supervision of a physician and obtain the FITNESS Certificate form the Doctor,  this process is called Pre-Employment Health Checkup. 

Many organisations have the policy to do pre-employment health checks for all the candidates who are going to join the organisation. Pre-Employment Health Checks are done to ensure that the candidate who is joining the organisation is not carrying any communicable disease like coronavirus which may put his and other employee health at risk and also ensure that the candidates himself are not having any lifestyle disease that might impact his ability to work at the optimum level.  Pre Joining medicals are done so that organisations are sure that healthy employees are joining the organisations and they are not carrying any disease that may require special attention.   
In the current situation is very important that organisations follow the practice the pre-joining medical to ensure health & safety of the joiners and his fellow employees.  

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