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What is the test covered in Annual Health Check ?

 My parents what to conduct health checkup, but I don't want to know which is good & what test are included in annual helath checkup.

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Shyam Dhumal
Best Answer

Annual Health Check up is very common incorporates as almost all the big or small corporates companies offer once a year health screening to its employees which is called annual health check up. 

The common test covered under annual health check ups are as below. 
1) Complete Blood Profile - Infection Screening

2) Blood Sugar Random/Fasting - Diabetes Screening 

3) Urine Examination - Urine Screenings 

4) Electrocardiogram - ECG - Heart Screenings 

5) Chest - X-Ray - Lungs  Screenings 

6) Lipid Profile - Cardiovascular Disease Screening 

7) Liver Function Tests - Liver Function Screenings 

8) Kidney Function Tests - Renal Screenings 

9) Thyroid Tests  - Endocrine Screening

10) Complete Physical Exam. - Medical Exam by Doctors

11) Vital _Signs - Blood Pressure, Eye, Ear etc

12) Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, 

13) Doctors Consultation on reports.