What is Mental Health?

Good health is defined as a state of complete physical, social, and mental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease. Good mental health is an essential component of overall well-being, especially in the COVID-19 era. Any disturbance in the mental state compromises individual capacity and their level of functioning, leading to welfare losses to self, their families, and the society at large.

Mental Health in India

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has worsened, and there has been a rising trend of depression and mental illnesses among all classes and age groups in India. Mental health-related issues had long been neglected, in India, even before the COVID-19 era. Consultation about mental health issues is still considered a social stigma due to which people avoid seeking treatment for mental ailments. It is now time that organizations in India choose not to neglect the mental health of individuals and make efforts at different levels to identify issues.

Workplace Stress: Neglected Area of Mental Health and Well-being

Workplace stress has remained a neglected aspect by corporates across different industries in India. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic has created all the adverse effects, such as stress, anxiety, and depression, there is still no focus by the corporates on mental health issues faced by employees and colleagues.

Why is Mental Health Important for Employees?

Employee physical and mental well-being are critical to a business’s success. Without healthy and productive employees, organizations are not able to survive for long or recover their business costs. And especially in today’s COVID-19 era, never has there been more urgency for corporates to undertake mental health initiatives in their workplace than now!

Mental illnesses can severely impact employee productivity, and the financial fallout from lost productivity cost businesses billions of money annually. 

Mental illnesses also lead to employee absenteeism at work. 

Stress, anxiety, and uncertainty increases mental distress, which, if left untreated, may lead to burnout and depression, particularly in those working in essential services. 

Even when the above impact is evident, most corporates are behind in implementing key initiatives to improve mental health in their workplaces, especially after COVID-19. 

If the corporate leadership or the top management is not aligned to ensuring mental health, it will not percolate to the subordinates. Organizations need to step up to provide measures to improve the mental health of employees to improve their performance and morale.

How Can Corporates Deal with Mental Health Issues?

To deal with mental health issues, organizations need to implement one or more initiatives, as below:

Policy Creation: Corporates need to create policies and mandates around mental health at a corporate level and advocate strict guidelines and processes. Identified committees should handle any issues of discrimination, harassment, and bullying that cause mental stress.

Proper Communication: This includes sharing resources through internal marketing channels to promote awareness.

Counselling: Organizations should provide group counseling or one-to-one counseling sessions with experienced counselors.

Psychological Support: Organizations should provide psychological first aid and professional psychological support by trained psychologists.

Training Programs: Corporates should train management and HR professionals to identify issues and handle them successfully.

Conduct Webinars & Talks to educate on mental health.

Mental Fitness: Promote physical activity by conducting fitness, yoga & meditation classes.

Stress Management: Corporates should conduct stress management programs for all employees to improve their mental health.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: To deal with stress management.

Self-Help Tools: Provide employees with self-help tools and programs.

Early-Intervention Treatment: During the pandemic, digital technology is playing a crucial role in the treatment of mental illness. It has opened up ways for people to access treatment when face-to-face talk therapy and medication isn’t readily available.


Organizations need to realize the importance of addressing mental health issues to improve organizational productivity. At PrognoHealth, we take measures to align the goals of the top management with the mental health needs of employees.

Our innovative and cost-effective solutions help organizations deal with various mental health issues of employees and encourage them to maintain a work-life balance. All this to help bring employee productivity on track! 

Our Solutions include - 

1) Psychologist Counseling on call. 

2) Psychologists Counseling on site. 

3) One 2 One / Group Counseling sessions. 

4) Online Counseling Sessions. 

5) Toll-Free Number for employees on mental wellbeing. 

6) Senior Management training on emotional wellbeing. 

7)  Webinars on Emotional Wellbeing. 

8) Stress Management Workshops/Training/Sessions

9) Psychiatrist Consultations.  

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